Hold on a Minute – One Minute Film Festival

Emma Chung, Staff Reporter

On Oct. 26, the Fine Arts House hosted the One-Minute Film Festival in the Kimball Theatre. From discovering possums in your basement to jamming out to jazz on a pumpkin patch, event-goers had no idea what would happen in the next minute.

The concept behind The One-Minute Film Festival is that students create a short-film within a one-minute time restriction. Film-goers then vote on their favorite three films with a token handed out at the screening, where the winner wins a $15 gift card to Olive Marketplace and Cafe.

“The fact that it is so short allows people to just be creative with it because you have to just make something that is less than a minute, you can’t develop too much,” said senior Emma Sass, Resident Assistant of the Fine Arts House.

The festival provides students with the opportunity to showcase their creativity. The submissions ranged from structured and scripted videos to more abstract and artistic approaches. Nonetheless, the festival also allowed friends to get together and collaborate in a carefree manner.

“It’s a way for people to bond, which is maybe another goal of the film festival. It gives people something to do together because it’s just fun and low stakes,” said Sass.

When speaking to junior Chelsea Goldsmith, a resident of the Fine Arts House, about her short video, she mentioned a video submission from last year which inspired her video this year.

Upside Down by Julio Escarce. Top dog. That was so good. It was him singing “Upside Down” and he flipped the camera around, and I thought that was a masterpiece and it inspired me in so many ways,” said Goldsmith.

Her video was similarly abstract. She is wearing a cobalt blue onesie, meandering around the wheat fields while making animal-like noises and playing with objects such as sticks, grass and rocks. She also spoke of her goals behind said video.

“I hope they are inspired to go out in the world and dress up and run around as much as they can,” said Goldsmith.

One specific video stood out to senior Daphne Gallegos.

“I really liked the one about the possum in the basement because it was really funny, and it’s lucky that they caught that on camera,” said Gallegos.

She is referring to a video submitted by The Community Service House, which chronicles their discovery of a possum residing in an empty aquarium in their garage. The video recounts their initial reaction, the frenzy over whether to call Pest Control or the police and ultimately campus security appearing to free the possum.

Audiences filled Kimball Theatre with non-stop laughter during the fifteen-minute screening. Quick transitions between the videos kept event-goers on the edge of their seats. By the end, audiences left with aching tummies and a desire for more.

“I hope that they branch out and ask more people to participate because it’s really cool and I would love to see it grow into an awesome grand event,” said Gallegos.

The winners of the festival were announced the following day. In third place was “Margie G & the Gang” by The Outhouse, in second place was “Changes” by senior Brahm Coler and in first place was “Once Upon A Time” by senior Allison Hall.