KWCW Show of the Week: Mossy Tentacles

Martina Pansze, Managing Editor

The fall mornings seem to be getting a bit chillier every day, but you can warm up and prepare for your week with the radio show “Mossy Tentacles.” Hosted by senior Art History and Visual Culture Studies major Emma Philipps and senior Religion major Spencer Thomas, the show airs from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. Mondays on KWCW 90.5 FM.

“Mossy Tentacles” is primarily a music show, but the pair will occasionally discuss news relating to music, entertainment or the election.

The name of the show was Thomas’ idea, inspired by walks in the arboretum park near her house in Seattle.

“I always noticed how the trees look like mossy tentacles in the wintertime. I was telling Emma about it and she thought it was funny, she was on board,” Thomas said.

The show pulls from many genres, but much of what they play falls into the category of indie-rock.

“I would describe [the sound] as new rock and roll, because it’s not really rock. We pull a lot of influence from ‘60s rock,” Philipps said.

Some of the show’s favorite artists include Tame Impala, Foxygen and Frankie Cosmos.

“We have a similar taste [in music], obviously,” Thomas said, “but it’s cool when the shows are mixture of both our tastes in music which are distinct.”

Thomas describes herself as a morning person, and likes the show’s Monday morning time slot.

“It’s a good time, people are getting up and drinking their coffee, and we like to send good energy to those who are listening,” she said.

Philipps and Thomas met their first year and were roommates sophomore year in Prentiss Hall.

“We formed a friendship through music and a mutual like of being goofy,” Philipps said.

“Mossy Tentacles” began last fall and took a short hiatus for the spring semester when Philipps was abroad. Although the show hasn’t changed much in general, the pair said that this semester they have been more focused on playing newer music.

Thomas said that, for this semester, “Mossy Tentacles” might experiment with creative themes, giving the hosts a challenge in the coming months.

Philipps’ favorite “Mossy Tentacles” show took place last fall when they picked a bunch of movies with great soundtracks and played songs from those movies.

“I love the intersection between art and film, and when we can pull influence from [film] we will,” Philipps said.

Thomas said that having a radio show is nice as a laid-back extracurricular.

“I really enjoy being able to share music with people, there is something special about having two hours a week to just relax and be present and listen to some good music. There’s nothing bad about that,” Thomas said.

Philipps agreed, and added that her favorite part of the show was making the playlists.

“It’s fun to revisit old good songs and find new good songs,” Philipps said. “Plus it’s a nice excuse to hang out with Spencer.”