Style Spotlight: Ricardo Vivanco


Photo by Jillian Briglia

Allison Hall, A&E Writer

Sophomore Ricardo Vivanco has a highly unique approach to fashion: everything depends on the socks. For Vivanco, choosing socks is the most important decision in the morning.

“Socks go on first and then the rest of the outfit,” said Vivanco.

Though today Vivanco’s distinctive and eye-catching fashion taste is admired campus-wide, this was not always the case. Vivanco states that in high school his classmates often pointed out that he had “clashing patterns and that nothing matched.”

His reputation since coming to Whitman has certainly changed. His favorite fashion staple is his assortment of shoes ranging from leather to intricate patterns. In his opinion, his style has evolved naturally and “matured” along with him. Vivanco is often spotted sporting bright colors and designs indicative of his California roots.

Although, don’t be fooled by his strikingly coordinated ensembles. He was surprised to be approached for Style Spotlight, since fashion is not a “conscious” decision of his.

However, it is exactly this attitude that makes him a style inspiration to many—a boldness many can only admire. One of his most daring outfits was shamelessly sporting a leotard. Sadly, he claims it is not a “frequent” outfit of his, but it was a big hit at the themed party he attended. For Vivanco it was a no brainer: “It was ‘snow pants or no pants,’ so I wore no pants.”

When Vivanco is asked for fashion advice for others, he is quick to point out that fashion is highly individual and that he would never judge others’ fashion choices. In his eyes, style is not complicated: “Do whatever you want” he declares with confidence. And, of course, never forget the importance of socks.