Style Spotlight: Arthur Shemitz


Photo by Natalie Mutter

Emma Cooper and Emma Casley

Junior Arthur Shemitz, Vice President of Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) and Chair of Student Affairs, sets a precedent not only in leadership on campus but also with his style.

Style can be personalized through a variety of trends, like color-blocking or graphic prints, but Shemitz adds his own flare to his outfits through texture.

“Because I’m a vegan, so I don’t wear any wool or silk, so I like to introduce texture in other ways, heathered fabrics, cotton poly-rayon blends, and other things which can kind of get beyond the flat, which another reason I’m wearing this velvet sweater right now, because it kind of emanates with texture,” says Shemitz.

Shemitz uses his textured clothing to display a part of his personality.

“I don’t know if I hope to communicate something through my clothes. I think that I like to imagine that my clothes capture something of who I am in some way. And I think that everyone does, no matter how consciously they think they are or not. The clothes we select indicate something about who we are as a person,” says Shemitz.

Shemitz draws inspiration for his style from Mr. Rogers, Jack Percival (President of ASWC) and cats. Mr. Rogers was a familiar face to most American homes from 1968 to 2001, always greeting his viewers by smiling and a donning a sweater.

“I think I was probably first inspired by Mr. Rogers. I really like the routine that he goes through where he gets home, and he takes off his shoes, and he puts on his sneakers, zips up his cardigan. I think his mother knit every cardigan that was on the show. But I really like, I like the kind of comfort that is in that aesthetic. So I think that’s reason number one,” says Shemtiz.

Percival influences Shemitz style by demonstrating how to pick and wear clothes that will give him confidence.

“Second, I’m very inspired by Jack Percival, the ASWC President. I think he does a really great job dressing for a lanky, but dignified frame, and so I really try to emulate him,” says Shemitz.

Lastly, Shemtiz tries to incorporate the comfortable, yet put together, essence that cats so often exude.

“I really just try to be like a cat kind of. I feel like cats have it figured out, that’s why I’m wearing a velvet sweater right now. Because my friend [sophomore] Danica Wilbanks told me that when you’re wearing a velvet sweater, if you pet your arm, it’s like you’re petting a kitten. So it’s the world’s greatest way to de-stress. So finals week: velvet is the only way to go,” says Shemitz.