Whit Style Spotlight with Kyla Rapp


Photo by Karissa Hampson.

Megan Hearst

For Sophomore Kyla Rapp, fashion is a form of artistic expression. Her clothes are an interesting mish-mash of thrift store finds, borrowed pieces and her own creations.

Photo by Karissa Hampson.

“I dressed up a lot and I still dress up today,” Rapp says, reflecting on her stylish past. Despite having a highly unique and daring style, Rapp says she has “chilled out” since high school. “I just wanted to punch people in the face with all my stuff; I still want to do that, but for different reasons,” she says with a laugh.

Part of Rapp’s signature look is her hair which seems to be constantly shifting colors, from bleach-blonde to ice blue and now to a combination of turquoise and magenta. “I die it every time I go home, my mom is my stylist and we figure it out together,” Rapp said. Dying can be strenuous upkeep, but Rapp has a relaxed take. “It’s also really fun when it starts to fade and your hair grows out, it becomes its own thing, which is cool.”

Rapp approaches fashion with a mix of creativity and humor and it is this combination which makes her look so striking and uniquely her. Her advice? “I think if your Grandma likes your style then you’re doing well,” she laughs.