Singing into a New Year

Emma Cooper

This year Whitman’s three a cappella groups are starting the school year with new goals and new plans.

On Monday, Sept. 5, at 7:00 p.m. all three Whitman a cappella groups performed in the Reid coffeehouse.

Each of the three a cappella groups performed songs. The Testostertones are an all-male singing group, the Sirens are an all-female singing group and Schwa is Whitman’s co-ed singing group.

Schwa started the show with an incredible rendition of Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child.” Fleming led the T-tones in a jaw-dropping version of Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean.” The Sirens closed the show with a hauntingly beautiful rendition of alt-J’s “Interlude 1 (Ripe & Ruin).”

Each group featured veteran and new singers alike. With new voices comes the objective of setting new goals. Fleming is enthusiastic about the new singers and how they fit right in with the T-tones.

“Honestly, a big thing we kinda like is when they’re coming out to audition a lot of them kind of fit our dynamic anyway. And so it moves through and…everyone is a bunch of goofy guys and it never changes the dynamic. It’s been the same dynamic almost every year I’ve been here. We keep the same dynamic going and it’s so much fun. I love it.”

This year, Fleming says, the T-tones are setting their sights high to continue the a cappella legacy at Whitman.

Senior Nate Fleming sings a solo for the T-tones. Photo by Natalie Mutter

“[We’re aiming] just to continue being a great a cappella group at Whitman. Each year we improve more and more.”

To continue that legacy, the T-tones keep it simple.

“We’re a bunch of guys who love singing and love singing great music together, and we enjoy performing for people, really connecting with the audience members, and putting on a great show because that’s what a cappella is really all about.”

This year the Sirens are planning to add new elements to their performance. According to Sophomore Anna Ballew, the Sirens are experimenting with not only the style of songs they sing, but also their style of performance.

“We are trying to incorporate more genres this year and incorporate more choreography.”

Ballew also commented on the thrill of getting new voices in the group.

“Everybody is really, really excited when we get new members and it’s always fun performing with them for the first time.”

Schwa’s goals for the year are to push the limits. Senior Evan Martin is excited about the new incoming voices and how they will help Schwa grow.

“Schwa has added some amazing and talented new members to the group, so now we’re just looking to add new music to our group and share it with people to enjoy. Our goals are just to keep on pushing ourselves as a group, to have a great sound, and perform songs beyond our limits. It only makes it that more fantastic! All the veterans of Schwa are stoked to have these wonderful freshmen on our squad.”

The event was hosted by T-Tones singer Senior Nate Fleming as a fundraiser in the Mr. Whitman contest. Both Fleming and senior Evan Martin, a member of Schwa, are competing in the Mr. Whitman event.

Sounds like the a cappella groups are going to have an incredible year dancing (for the Sirens), beatboxing and, of course, singing.