KWCW Show of the Week: The Cookie Dance


Listening to Gregory Schnorr’s “The Cookie Dance with Chef Schnorgonoff,” one might find themselves convinced that the KWCW station is equipped with a full fermenting refrigerator, a larder and a full kitchen bakeshop. That’s because Schnorr takes care to maintain that illusion on every episode of his radio show.

On “The Cookie Dance,” Schnorr, a Whitman alumnus with a Baking and Pastry Degree from the Culinary Institute of America, integrates his presentation of a recipe with a mix of music over two hours, in order to counteract the monotony of more conventional cooking shows. The recipes range across a variety of types, just as the music covers a wide range of genres.

“Recipes can be as simple as making chocolate chip cookies or as complex as fermenting garlic black over a two month period,” says Schnorr. While they may be complicated at times, Schnorr tries to use recipes that fit what a student might have in their dorm room. However, he is aware that most students don’t have fermenting refrigerators and other specialized tools, and frequently offers more makeshift solutions that are feasible for Whitties, such as “how to turn a closet into a more temperature-controlled area.”

Photo by Karissa Hampson.
Gregory Schnorr in the KWCW studio. Photo by Karissa Hampson.

For those looking for more conventional cooking tips, Schnorr mentions that he has presented a pizza recipe nearly every semester of the show’s tenure, as well as frequently showcasing cookie recipes (true to the show’s name).

On the music side, selections vary from “classic,” to “very technical,” to “soulful,” and “acoustic,” and the show is “always having new music mixed in.” Maintaining the balance between cooking and music can be tricky, but Schnorr handles it by “never… talk[ing] over the lyricist,” with the goal of having “a continuous flow of music, the same way you don’t have a break in the kitchen… It’s very fluid.”

“The Cookie Dance,” which has been airing since 2003, has helped bring diversity to the programming of Whitman’s radio. “KWCW can provide a learning atmosphere other than just music and streaming new rotation,” he says. “Some of the best shows have an educational component. I want to be in that part of the KWCW portfolio.”

“The Cookie Dance with Chef Schnorgonoff” airs on 90.5 FM every Sunday from 6:00a.m. to 8:00 a.m.