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Walla Walla: Sin City

Alissa Antilla and Alex Brockman
May 4, 2017
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There is a piece of Walla Walla’s history that is swept under the records. Walla Walla, home to hundreds of upscale vineyards, gourmet restaurants and boutiques is a favorite weekend getaway for many. Walking down main street, it’s hard to imagine Walla Walla being described as anything but cut...

“The Goddess”

Rachel Palfini
March 20, 2014
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Despite what some days may feel like, I am taking other courses in Shanghai besides my Chinese language class! Last week in Chinese Film and Cinema, we watched Wu Yonggong's "The Goddess," which was released in 1934. "The Goddess" was part of the 1930s overall leftist-turn of Chinese cinema, which was...

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