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Behind Bars, in Our Backyard

Alissa Antilla, Feature Reporter
April 13, 2017
Filed under FEATURE

It’s easy to see prisons as an anomaly in our cute and charming Walla Walla. The state penitentiary can easily just be a set of bright lights you see while driving to the wheat fields, while the Two Rivers Correctional Institution and Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution are unheard of for many...

A Prison Sentence Impacts Many

Alya Bohr, Columnist
December 8, 2016
Filed under OPINION

It’s not news to say that our criminal justice system is broken. The United States constitutes 5 percent of the world’s population, but 25 percent of that population are imprisoned individuals, the majority of which are people of color. There are many victims of America’s unjust system of mass...

Criminal Injustice

Alya Bohr, Columnist
April 14, 2016
Filed under Columnists, OPINION

When we tacitly accept these beliefs as truths, when we label those convicted of crime as categorically “evil” and then avert our eyes, we are doing a great disservice to the progress of our nation.

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