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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Illustration by Allyson Kim.

Limited club sports opportunities challenges first year experience

Nisha Gharti Magar, Sports Reporter March 18, 2021

Club sports are widely considered an integral part of the college first year experience, but with the fall semester online, many students were not able to take advantage of all that club sports have to...

Illustration by Elena Kaminskaia

Whitties enjoy ultimate frisbee as a student-led club sport

Tate Cadang, Sports Reporter December 12, 2019

As a college that contains many nationally-ranked varsity teams, many of which have reputations as Northwest Conference champions and consistent national competitors, club sports risk flying under the...

Contributed by Claire Revere.

Whitman Women’s Frisbee: Sweets Take Nationals

Wil Kotnik, Sports Writer September 19, 2017

This year, the Whitman women’s frisbee program has reached unprecedented levels of success. Eight Sweets or Sweets alumni were invited to the United States U24 national team tryouts, which is a competition...

Women’s Frisbee Makes Run at Nationals

Tristan Gavin June 9, 2013
Whitman’s women’s ultimate frisbee team made a statement in Wisconsin the week after many of their seniors walked across stage wearing caps and gowns. By finishing 13th at the Division I national tournament, the team asserted themselves as a team worthy of greater recognition on a national scale, as well as on their own campus, where they have long been overshadowed by the men's team's success.
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