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Whittiom of the Week: “That’s a thing”

Ari Appel

February 24, 2015

Welcome to Whittiom of the Week, where we wonder why we say what we say at Whitman. So what is a whittiom, anyway? You guessed it––it's an idiom that Whitties use frequently. An idiom, put simply, is a commonly spoken phrase that is not meant to be taken literally. For example, the phrase "at the...

How the spoken “/” is improving English

Ari Appel

November 10, 2014

English is constantly growing and changing. No matter what rules are established, they get broken; conventions of grammar change, new words are invented, and old ones take on new meanings. Take the word "deal," for example. It can be used in many different ways: Ten bucks is not a very good deal, but...

A 4-Day Adventure: From Writing This Blog to Not Writing This Blog

Ari Appel

October 17, 2014

After a relaxing 4-day break, Tuesday evening was finally upon me. I wrote this: "When I got out of class on Friday afternoon, I envisioned myself spending the majority of 4-day break at my desk, intently working on blog posts. I sat down and went straight to work. By that evening, I had come up with...

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