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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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“Travel for exploration’s sake”: Senior Liam Voorhees wins Watson Fellowship to study waterways abroad

Grace Jackson, Staff Reporter April 9, 2021

As senior Liam Voorhees nears the end of his Whitman career, he is preparing to embark on a yearlong multi-country fellowship to study river systems and food production. Voorhees was awarded the Thomas...

Evangelos Sarantinos

Whitman seniors become Watson fellows

Miyona Katayama, Feature Reporter May 13, 2020

Seniors Evangelos Sarantinos and Cameron Conner have been awarded the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship: a one-year grant of $30,000 that supports 12 months of independent travel. According to Keith Raether,...

Meet Whitman Watson Fellowship Nominees

Meet Whitman Watson Fellowship Nominees

Isabel Mills November 14, 2013
Learn more about the four Whitman students continuing on in the Watson Fellowship application process.

International Pursuits

Karah Kemmerly November 14, 2013
This week, Pioneer feature writers talked with Whitman students and alumni with international goals. First, we chatted with this year's Watson Fellowship nominees to find out more about their project ideas. Then we got in touch with several alumni who have found work opportunities in other countries.

Whitman alum’s ‘RAPtivism’ album spreads positive message worldwide

Alex Hagen April 5, 2012
'RAPtivism,' a hip-hop album by Whitman alumnus Aisha Fukushima ’09, has finally been released after years of traveling, recording and post-production. Fukushima, who was able to produce the album thanks to her Watson Fellowship, traveled extensively in Africa, Europe and Asia.

Profile: Oliver Wood

Libby Arnosti September 15, 2011
Sitting outside of the library with bare feet at 8:30 a.m., Wood munches on a carrot and sips coffee from a homemade mug with a mountain scene glazed onto the side...

Donna Perry Jones on-board in Office of Fellowships and Grants

Rose Woodbury September 8, 2011
There's a new face in the Office of Fellowships and Grants this year. Donna Perry Jones has come on board as the administrative assistant to replace Karen Kinder, who retired at the end of last semester. Although she's new to the office, Jones has been a part of the Whitman community as both a student and as a staff member for over 16 years.

Whitman’s Watson nominees advance to final interview stage

Liz Forsyth December 9, 2009
Whitman's four nominees for the year long Watson Fellowship offer vastly different proposals for International study.
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