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Voluntourism on the rise: a call to reexamine how we help

Voluntourism on the rise: a call to reexamine how we help

Olivia Gilbert

September 22, 2016

We have all seen this photo on social media: a varying number of white people are surrounded by a varying number of smiling brown or black children. The backdrop is vaguely exotic–perhaps the white people are even sporting ‘native’ clothing. The whole thing is tied together with a nebulous quote...

Service Learning Organizations connect students and citizens

Photo of the Buddy Program contributed by Jeremy Nolan.

Martina Pansze

November 6, 2014

Living in the "Whitman Bubble," most students spend most of their time interacting with people their own age. However, some service learning organizations on campus are working with community members to break this generational disconnect. The mentor program matches Whitman students with children in...

Students Pass on Love of Reading with Story Time

Students Pass on Love of Reading with Story Time

Ben Caldwell

April 24, 2014

The Story Time Project gives Whitman students a chance to pass on their love for books by reading to children who might not otherwise have much literature in their lives. Story Time is one of five ongoing weekly service programs managed by the Student Engagement Center. It was started by Adjunct Instructor of S...

‘College Coaches’ Changes Format, Still Has Goal in Mind

Anna Zheng

April 24, 2014

In the spring of 2010, Whitman alumna Emily Lorente '11 started an outreach program called College Coaches, which focused on one-on-one mentorship for students at Walla Walla High School. When the program was founded, Lorente worked for Walla Walla High and paired high school students with Whitman...

Service: Fundamental to Communities, Student Experience

Sayda Morales

April 26, 2013

All throughout high school I volunteered in various service projects that served the New York City community. Some of these projects helped the elderly, while others helped inner city students like me. No matter the project, I remember feeling so empowered knowing that I had helped improve my community...

Local Addiction Recovery Community Uses Peer-Based Approach

Local Addiction Recovery Community Uses Peer-Based Approach

Maegan Nelson

February 7, 2013

About a mile away from campus is a little green house with a new sign labeled "Trilogy." The Trilogy recovery community is a nonprofit dedicated to helping youth and families who are struggling with drug addiction. Under the guidance of executive director Kathy Ketcham, volunteers at Trilogy use a peer-based...

Köln and Kindergarten: Possibilities for a future in Germany

Karah Kemmerly

October 21, 2012

Last night I got back from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) fall orientation in Köln, and today I feel as if  I've seen the future. Not the clear sort of future you might see in a crystal ball or through time travel- especially because time travel terrifies me- but a glimpse of the...

Commencement speakers urge graduates to fight injustice

Commencement speakers urge graduates to fight injustice

Karah Kemmerly

May 21, 2012

An audience of friends and family members watched as Whitman seniors made the transition from students to alumni at the 126th commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 20, 2012. Faculty members and members of the class of 1962, who celebrated their fiftieth reunion during commencement weekend, made their procession...

Community service trip interns initiate new forms of individual fundraising

Illustration: Alex Bailey

Karah Kemmerly

March 1, 2012

Instead of relaxing at home or vacationing somewhere tropical during break, approximately 50 Whitman students will be spending a week focusing on social issues and service. As these trips become more popular, service trip interns are focusing on organizing more effective trip fundraisers. Se...

Does Whitman’s passion for service meet community needs?

Kinsey White

October 6, 2011

Involvement in philanthropy while at college is not a question for most Whitties. Four hundred twenty-three members of the Class of 2015: a whopping 82 percent of the class: participated in some form of community service while in high school. At the college level, this commitment to volunteerism takes...

Give students an incentive to volunteer

Give students an incentive to volunteer

Zach Duffy

September 23, 2010

Lina Menard, the community service coordinator at Whitman College, has her work cut out for her as she recruits this year's batch of volunteers. According to newly-released statistics from the Community Service Office, just 467 students, or 32.3 percent of the student body, participated in a community service event last year. The actual number of students volunteering at Whitman ...

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