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Swiftly Redefining Notion of Sex Symbol

Swiftly Redefining Notion of Sex Symbol

Tristan Gavin

October 3, 2013

  Taylor Swift has taken the sex out of a public love life by turning her relationships into albums, but there is a problematic icon that is much more problematic than her "girl next door" image suggests. While it is refreshing to have a young woman in pop culture that isn't famous because of ho...

DEA study declares: “Texting and Driving gets you higher than heroin”

Kyle Seasly

October 4, 2012

It's late at night, and you're out for a drive by yourself. You see a car swerve in front of you. You look to see a glint of a bottle in your headlights, but instead you just see the glow of a cell phone. Texting and driving has been popular ever since 2007, when teenagers finally realized they coul...

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