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Financial aid cuts leave some students short

Lane Barton

September 17, 2015

While Whitman's aid process works for most people, as evidenced by the relatively low average debt with which students leave, it does not work for all. Unusual family circumstances can result in students' aid being cut during their later years in college, when it is more difficult to transfer both emotionally and academically.

Finding new home makes for difficult transition

Martina Pansze

September 25, 2014

Most students in higher education would consider it a nightmare to relive the college application process, but some brave souls managed to once again navigate the mess of school tours and Common Application essays that landed them at Whitman. Junior Alexandra Sigouin transferred to Whitman from Emily...

Cities make or break college campuses

Audrey Kelly

September 25, 2014

Students transferring to and from Whitman College worry about more than the campus when deciding to try a new place. For some, location can make or break a college experience. "College is a short time and oftentimes an expensive time, and all students should continue questioning where they are so...

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