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Tino’s Bridge Corner #3

Tino Mori, Columnist

November 5, 2015

Welcome back to Tino's Bridge Corner! Are you ready for more?  Let's dive in. Quack: A queen or a jack. When you evaluate your hand, you're counting aces as four points, kings as three, queens as two, and jacks as one.  You can thank Charles Goren for coming up with the hand evaluation system that...

Tino’s Bridge Corner

Nicholas Valentino Mori

September 10, 2015

Wait! Don't stop reading just because you saw the word “bridge,” as in the card game, rather than the product of structural engineering used to cross bodies of water. No matter who you are, I promise I have something to offer you. My name is Nicholas Valentino Mori, but I go by Tino because the...

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Tino’s Bridge Corner