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Dropping out means new opportunities

Dropping out means new opportunities

Joey Gottlieb December 6, 2012

I like saying "I withdrew" because it sounds nicer than "I dropped out." It sounds like I am still in command of my education and prospects and that I have not forsaken the opportunity of a college...

Making a Difference Means More Than Activism

Joey Gottlieb November 15, 2012

"It is not a Buddhist approach to say that if everyone practiced Buddhism, the world would be a better place. Wars and oppression begin from this kind of thinking."  -Sulak Sivaraska "Activism: The...

Ignoring conservative ideas costly

Ignoring conservative ideas costly

Joey Gottlieb October 18, 2012

Whitman is well known as a liberal institution, but recently, different political flavors are beginning to taint this campus. This Monday, well-known conservative pundit David Brooks came to Whitman...

Befriending community members challenges assumptions

Joey Gottlieb October 4, 2012

Since beginning to work for a local company in Walla Walla this past May, I have been surprised and dismayed to discover that Whitman students are not always well-liked by Walla Walla natives. I have met...

The Whitest African: Students must better engage with diversity speakers

Joey Gottlieb September 20, 2012

We are fortunate at Whitman to have a fantastic array of esteemed lecturers and speakers come to our remote campus to share their insights. Many students leave lectures feeling inspired to spread the ideas...

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