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Vol. CLIV, Issue 5
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Tech Work More Sensible with a Few Simple Rules

Blair Hanley Frank April 25, 2013
Since I'm going to be leaving campus and taking them with me, I figured I'd share my rules for understanding and contextualizing the technology industry.
Illustration by Eduardo Vazquez

ASWC Has Improved, But Engagement Still Problematic

Blair Hanley Frank April 18, 2013
ASWC has made some great strides to bring their message to Whitman's campus, now they just need to put the hard work in to actually make its process more engaging.
Frank.  Photo by Marie von Hafften.

Typewriters Next Generation of Computing

Blair Hanley Frank March 28, 2013
Typewriters are the next big tech thing, think I'm wrong?
Wearable Tech Must Be Relevant to Consumers

Wearable Tech Must Be Relevant to Consumers

Blair Hanley Frank March 7, 2013
While I'm living proof of the success of wearables (I can't get enough of my Fitbit One), only time will tell if this is just a fad directed at nerds, or a new frontier in consumer tech.

Games Journalism Needs Better Audience

Blair Hanley Frank February 14, 2013
Gaming journalism suffers from an over-zealous rumor mill, which can only be stopped by more discerning readership.

Gun Violence Research Requires Parity to Avoid Hypocrisy

Blair Hanley Frank February 7, 2013
As long as the NRA supports increasing research into the effects of violent video games, they cannot continue to oppose research on the effects of gun ownership on gun violence.

Doping in Sports Can’t be Stopped by Technological Means

Blair Hanley Frank January 24, 2013
Professional athletes and their coaches will continue to seek technical innovations to improve performance until there are no longer financial incentives for them to do so.
Multiplayer must be carefully considered to avoid making bad shooters

Multiplayer must be carefully considered to avoid making bad shooters

Blair Hanley Frank November 8, 2012
Gaming markets are oversaturated with a glut of military shooters packing lousy multiplayer modes. Every time the story is the same: new shooter, new multiplayer, mediocre reviews. But it keeps happening over and over again. It's time for that to stop.

Security risks make web voting impossible

Blair Hanley Frank October 25, 2012
While paper ballots may seem like a clunky option in this modern age, in many ways, they provide levels of security that electronic voting just can't match.

Kickstarter valuable despite potentially out-of-control projects

Blair Hanley Frank October 11, 2012
Kickstarter can be an invaluable resource for those with the vision and drive to take on big projects, but projects have the potential to become much larger than predicted.
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