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Problems Arise with Kanye West’s Ego

Problems Arise with Kanye West's Ego
October 23, 2013

My seventh-grade self will always defend Kanye West. His Late Registration was the first album on my first iPod, and I have stuck with the guy ever since. While he still creates brilliant music, West's...

Swiftly Redefining Notion of Sex Symbol

Swiftly Redefining Notion of Sex Symbol
October 3, 2013

  Taylor Swift has taken the sex out of a public love life by turning her relationships into albums, but there is a problematic icon that is much more problematic than her "girl next door"...

Worst breakup ”¦ like ever

Illustration by Emily Jones
September 20, 2012

Last week bore witness to the end of a young relationship. Ryan Chow from 4-West recently cut off ties with his Andersonian girlfriend, Natalie Saneski, because they reportedly "weren't ready for a long-distance...

Production night liveblog

Photo update (3/1/12 9:30 p.m.)
March 2, 2012

What follows is a faithful account of the production of Issue 6 (taking place the evening of Feb. 29/early morning of March 1) as witnessed by me, The Pioneer's Managing Editor. 4:49 p.m. Arrive in Pio office....

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