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IPECC’s History Day Calls Out Whitman’s Past

IPECC's History Day Calls Out Whitman's Past

Mikaela Slade

September 29, 2015

The Indigenous People’s Education and Culture Club, IPECC, set out tables on Alumni weekend in order to educate both alumni and students about the racism and symbolism of some of the landmarks on campus.

The Missionary: Has its use run out?

Alfredo Villaseñor

October 27, 2011

There have been rumors that a cabal of student heretics are trying to replace our holy and enduring mascot. And what, I ask, would they change it to? A duck, perhaps, in reminiscence of the orgiastic rituals of spring that have soiled our student body's innocence? Or our campus' invasive and ubiquitous...

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