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Sustainability Advisory Committee Begins First Steps Towards Reform

Sustainability Advisory Committee Begins First Steps Towards Reform
December 5, 2013

In a bid to increase the influence of the Sustainability Advisory Committee's (SAC) relevance on campus, ASWC has appointed sophomore Linnaea Weld, sophomore Eliana Schwartz and senior Jenni Doering to...

Meet Tristan Sewell, Whitman’s New Sustainability Coordinator

August 6, 2013

While Whitman students have a reputation for being environmentally forward thinking, there has never been a permanent staff member to harness that passion on a wider scale in terms of school policy and...

Sustainable Walla Walla Prepares for Fourth Annual Green Travel Competition

Illustration by Marlee Raible
April 25, 2013

You might see a few more bikes next time you walk downtown.  In honor of Earth Week, community organization Sustainable Walla Walla is gearing up for its fourth annual Green Travel Competition...

Zipcars Considered for Campus Use

Zipcars Considered for Campus Use
April 4, 2013

Whether it's a ride to the airport or a weekend Portland getaway, accessibility to a car would give spice to the small-town Walla Walla life. Even though Whitman is a reputedly isolated college, it...

Sustainability Coordinator Position Approved

February 21, 2013

After long months of student and ASWC advocacy, Whitman College has voted to install a permanent staff position that would coordinate and oversee all green and sustainable efforts on campus. The Board...

ASWC Advocates for Sustainability Position

November 8, 2012

Up until now, efforts to make Whitman's campus green have largely been fueled by student enthusiasm, with groups like Green Leaders and Campus Climate Challenge leading the way. But according to a recent...

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