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Sustainability Advisory Committee Begins First Steps Towards Reform

Sustainability Advisory Committee Begins First Steps Towards Reform

Lachlan Johnson

December 5, 2013

In a bid to increase the influence of the Sustainability Advisory Committee's (SAC) relevance on campus, ASWC has appointed sophomore Linnaea Weld, sophomore Eliana Schwartz and senior Jenni Doering to formally represent the student body. In previous years the SAC hasn't been able to take full adv...

Senate Round Up Number 4

Abby Seethoff

November 18, 2013

At the fourth ASWC senate meeting, the ASWC Communications Committee introduced itself, three students were appointed to the Sustainability Advisory Committee, and a resolution about race issues on campus was passed after extensive detailed debate. The Finance Committee allocated $400 to pay for part...

Meet Tristan Sewell, Whitman’s New Sustainability Coordinator

Dylan Tull

August 6, 2013

While Whitman students have a reputation for being environmentally forward thinking, there has never been a permanent staff member to harness that passion on a wider scale in terms of school policy and plans for the future. New Sustainability Coordinator Tristan Sewell, who arrived on campus on Monday, July 1, is hoping to end ...

Sustainable Walla Walla Makes Plans for Earth Day, Future Collaborations

Emily Lin-Jones

February 7, 2013

Students, city council members and representatives from around the community gathered for a meeting of local working group Sustainable Walla Walla in the Walla Walla Public School District board room Tuesday night, Feb. 5. Attendees shared their own efforts to promote sustainability in the community...

Image Wrong Focus For Sustainability Staff Position

Image Wrong Focus For Sustainability Staff Position

Danielle Broida

November 15, 2012

An unquestioned buzz has permeated the green community at Whitman over ASWC's recent initiative for a staff position to bottom-line environmental campaigns, internships and long-term "green goals" on campus. The idea of having a staff position dedicated to sustainability has been in the works for many years. For th...

Bottled water no longer sold on campus due to environmental concerns

Rachel Alexander

January 27, 2011

Next time you're eating lunch in the Reid Café, you might notice that bottled water is absent from refrigerator shelves. Starting this semester, Whitman College and Bon Appétit will no longer be selling bottled water on campus. The decision was made largely because of environmental concerns about the...

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