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Student groups, working group to look at “Missionary” Mascot

Sara Platnick

December 8, 2015

President Kathy Murray, the Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) and the Indigenous People’s Education and Culture Club (IPECC) are creating initiatives to look into potentially changing the Whitman College Mascot, the “Fighting Missionary.” The missionary mascot was created in 1907, w...

Registrar’s office seeks to improve pre-registration

Students have demonstrated frustration with the current system for registration. Photo by Marra Clay.

Sam Jacobson

November 13, 2014

For students at Whitman, registration often means navigating the tricky business of choosing between classes, attempting to gain consent from professors and in some cases coping with less than ideal registration times. With the goal of bringing order and equity to this sometimes crazy process, the Registrar's...

Voices of the Community / / Issue 1

Grace Fritzke (2018)

Marra Clay

September 11, 2014

"What is your least favorite thing about Whitman?" [portfolio_slideshow]

Faculty Continue to Tinker With Encounters: Transformations Syllabus

Faculty Continue to Tinker With Encounters: Transformations Syllabus

Lachlan Johnson

September 15, 2013

Every student at Whitman takes Encounters, but a student's actual experience can vary greatly depending on their professor and year. This fall, first-year and transfer students will explore the latest incarnation of the course, which focuses on the theme of "Transformations." The "Encounters: Tr...

17 Percent of Students Too Drunk to Take Survey

Lachlan Johnson

March 28, 2013

Whitman's annual student lifestyle survey has revealed that 17 percent of students have too many drinks on the average weekend to fill out the questionnaire. Administered by the Whitman Office of Propaganda in Penrose Library between 11 p.m. and midnight last Friday, March 22, the lifestyle survey...

Student responses to eating disorders survey

Rachel Alexander

January 26, 2012

The  Pioneer  surveyed students about stress, coping behaviors, food and body image as part of the research process for  our article on eating disorders. One hundred ninety-two students responded (almost double the typical  Pioneer  survey response rate). As almost 80 percent of  respondents  were femal...

Scary Things

Scary Things

Sara Portesan

November 7, 2011

Before you read any more of this blog, a quick survey please! Look at the next two photos and comment below (or think in your head or tell the person next to you) what you think they are of. I will get back to these in a minute; jump to the end if you simply cannot wait.   First, a little about my Hallo...

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