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My Spanish Grandmother

Me and Carmela in our apartment


September 8, 2012

Living with a host family was one of the things I was most excited and nervous about coming to Spain. I think this is a pretty common sentiment among students studying abroad. It's a hard thing because living with someone, as anyone who has ever had a roommate knows, is not always easy and reveals personality...

Carry-on Suitcase


August 22, 2012

It is my last day in my hometown of Portland, Oregon, for four and a half months. Everything is packed and ready, so much so that I could sit here right now and list off, without looking, the exact contents of my suitcase and backpack that are sitting six feet away from me. (I won't put you all through...

It’s All a Dream


October 30, 2011

Three days since it happened. My worst nightmare: someone at home being in trouble, and me not being there to help. I thought about being in this situation earlier this semester and how dreadful it would be to feel so stuck and useless, and then it happened. Something awful happened to someone I really care...

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