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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Missing the Sun: Change of Season Affects Student Health and Well-being

Claire Ommen, Features Writer December 3, 2015
As the semester nears its end, the general health of the Whitman campus is nearing its low-point for the year. Factors such as stress, season, weather and sleep patterns, are all reaching their peak affect upon students.
Students Struggle With Concussion Aftermath

Students Struggle With Concussion Aftermath

Helen Angell February 13, 2014
Thirteen concussions were reported to the Dean of Students in Fall 2013, a sharp increase from previous years. Students and staff believe that higher numbers were reported last semester because of heightened awareness about the seriousness of concussions and their impact on the brain.
Dropping out means new opportunities

Dropping out means new opportunities

Joey Gottlieb December 6, 2012
In explaining why he chose to withdraw from Whitman, Joey encourages all students to examine their own education and understand what aspects of it are nourishing or stressful.

Students take fitness elsewhere

Hannah Bartman September 13, 2012
Instead of using the school's ready facilities, some Whitties have been more inclined to find their outlet for exercise off campus. They travel to places that may require a bit more booty-shaking and shimmying than would normally be seen at BFFC. They go to Jazzercise classes at studios in town.

SHAC, Red Cross offer CPR clinic

amyhasson April 4, 2012
For the past three years, the student health advisory council has teamed up with the Red Cross to offer a CPR certification clinic for Whitman students. While the purpose of the clinic has remained the same—to prepare students to use CPR during a medical emergency—the content of the course has changed over the years to reflect new CPR guidelines.

Jacobs, Radosevic and Allen continue recovery from Nov. 6 crash

Josh Goodman December 2, 2009
Jacobs, in a Level III coma but improving, flies to her home state of New Mexico today, while a wheelchair-bound Radosevic eagerly awaits her return to Whitman next month.
Credit: Wolff

Goodnight Moon: Better sleep tied to better grades

helenjenne November 10, 2009
Only a select few can pull all-nighters and not see any ill-effects academically. Chances are you're not one of them.
Zoe Kunkel-Patterson 12 signs up for a first aid certification clinic with SHAC President Thomas Siegert 12. The class, offered by the Red Cross, takes place Saturday, Nov. 14. Credit: Van Neste

Student Health Advisory Council, Red Cross to offer Whitman students First Aid certification

Liz Forsyth November 9, 2009
This Saturday, 50 Whitman students will get the chance to become first aid certified at a much lower cost than normal thanks to ASWC sponsorship.
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