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Missing the Sun: Change of Season Affects Student Health and Well-being

Claire Ommen, Features Writer December 3, 2015
As the semester nears its end, the general health of the Whitman campus is nearing its low-point for the year. Factors such as stress, season, weather and sleep patterns, are all reaching their peak affect upon students.
Students Struggle With Concussion Aftermath

Students Struggle With Concussion Aftermath

Helen Angell February 13, 2014

Thirteen concussions were reported to the Dean of Students in Fall 2013, a sharp increase from previous years. This number is shocking, but it might not indicate an increasing number of head injuries...

Dropping out means new opportunities

Dropping out means new opportunities

Joey Gottlieb December 6, 2012

I like saying "I withdrew" because it sounds nicer than "I dropped out." It sounds like I am still in command of my education and prospects and that I have not forsaken the opportunity of a college...

Students take fitness elsewhere

Hannah Bartman September 13, 2012

It would be hard to find a student on campus who would disagree that the two-story, 30,000 square-foot Baker Ferguson Fitness center is accessible. With eight treadmills and ­­12 ellipticals, there...

SHAC, Red Cross offer CPR clinic

amyhasson April 4, 2012

For the past three years, the student health advisory council has teamed up with the Red Cross to offer a CPR certification clinic for Whitman students. While the purpose of the clinic has remained the...

Jacobs, Radosevic and Allen continue recovery from Nov. 6 crash

Josh Goodman December 2, 2009

Nearly a month later, first-year Lindy Jacobs and sophomores Katie Radosevic and Maggie Allen are pushing forward in their recoveries from a car crash on Nov. 6. The crash occurred when an SUV driven by...

Credit: Wolff

Goodnight Moon: Better sleep tied to better grades

helenjenne November 10, 2009

Half of students with GPAs of 3.75 or higher get between four and five hours of sleep per night, according to a survey conducted by The Pioneer. It is important to note that the sample size of this...

Zoe Kunkel-Patterson 12 signs up for a first aid certification clinic with SHAC President Thomas Siegert 12. The class, offered by the Red Cross, takes place Saturday, Nov. 14. Credit: Van Neste

Student Health Advisory Council, Red Cross to offer Whitman students First Aid certification

Liz Forsyth November 9, 2009

Sophomores Fritz Siegert and Sofia Infante are on a mission. They want Whitman students to be prepared and willing to act when they see someone in a medical emergency. "At a party if someone...

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