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Meteoric rise of Bravo ‘reality’ programming promotes slanted stereotypes

Clara Bartlett

April 12, 2012

When my brain feels like dying in the happy, vapid abyss that is reality television, Bravo is the immediate destination of my retreat. But thinking back, I cannot really say when I started watching Bravo, or when it became a facet of popular TV culture. Today, Bravo, owned by NBC Universal, provides...

Ballerinos defy stereotypes

Illustration: Emily Johnson

Allison Work

December 8, 2011

For men looking to get moving on campus and earn credit simultaneously, there is a class that may be of interest: ballet. The co-ed beginning, intermediate and advanced classes generally enroll about 15 students per class, but the number of men in Beginning Ballet fluctuates every year. This semester,...

Know Your Campus Cults!

Know Your Campus Cults!

Dana Thompson

November 17, 2011

"The Partiers" Characteristics: Going out every night from Thursday to Saturday Dancing or otherwise gyrating to music (preferably turned up high enough to make the brain liquify and spill out the ears) Devoted worshiping of the deity known only as "Shots" "The Devoted Students" Characteristics: An...

Style spotlight: Evan Griffis ’15

Credit: Cade Beck

cade beck

November 3, 2011

Every week, The Pioneer searches out Whitties who bring an extra splash of fashion consciousness and sartorial daring to campus. This week's Style Spotlight: First-year Evan Griffis. Style Soundbites "One of my dear friends was traveling in London last year, and she was just kind of buying a...

Jewett Pit

Susanna Bowers

October 13, 2011

In the past, the Pit has typically been characterized by a close-knit group of really fun, interesting girls. The idea of living with all girls in the basement of Jewett may not appeal to a lot of incoming freshman, but many quickly change their minds. "When I heard I was going to be in an all-girls...

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