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Ain’t no mountain high enough

Photo Credit : Fennell

Bailey Arango

April 29, 2010

While every day spent at the climbing wall is an exciting one, the last Saturday in April holds a special place in the hearts of Whitman College outdoor enthusiasts; last Saturday, April 24, Whitman College hosted its 18th  Annual Sweet Onion Crank, a celebration of rock climbing and outdoor culture rendered all the more special by the Crank debut of Sherwood Athletic Center's...

Go speed racer

Bailey Arango

March 4, 2010

While the life of a typical Whitman first-year has its hazards, they generally tend not to expand any further than broomball injuries and ill-advised experimentation with facial hair. Not so with first-year Cameron Benner. When not catching up on sleep and Encounters readings, Benner immerses himself...

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