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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Illustration by Anna Stone.

Title IX: Survivors deserve better

Tucker Grinnan, Feature writer April 1, 2022

The Title IX framework does not suit the needs of all survivors. There need to be more ways to access sexual violence support at Whitman that don’t involve Title IX.  This might sound surprising,...

The hegemonic narrative of sexual violence

Alanna Sherman, Columnist March 10, 2022

CW: Sexual, physical, racial, ableist and gender-based violence. Approximately one in five women in the United States experience sexual assault at some point in their lives. Although, this number...

Photo by Nathaniel Martin.

Student Life Committee organizes external review of Greek life

Lily Yost, News Reporter February 17, 2022

The Student Life Committee conducted an external review of Greek Life at Whitman from Feb. 10-11, following through on pre-pandemic plans to bring reviewers to Whitman in the spring of 2020. The...

Op-Ed: Greek Life & Rape: a Look Into Student Voices Throughout Whitmans History

Op-Ed: Greek Life & Rape: a Look Into Student Voices Throughout Whitman’s History

Noelle Scheer, Senior February 10, 2022

CONTENT WARNING: This article contains a detailed discussion of rape and sexual assault. RESOURCES:  RAINN, 800-656-4673  Malia Lewis, Whitman’s Sexual Assault Victims Advocate (not a mandatory...

Whitman College blatantly ignores student safety in Annual Security Report

Scout Hutchinson, Opinion Editor October 28, 2021

On Sept. 30, 2021, Whitman College released its Annual Security Report detailing several different statics on rape, forced fondling, homicide and hate crimes that have happened on campus or in the vicinity...

Illustration by Eli Rodriguez.

Whitman didn’t count you in the security report? Me too.

Hailey Livingston, Columnist October 28, 2021

Content Warning: This article describes sexual assault in detail.  According to the Whitman Security Report, there have been zero instances of rape on campus since 2018. That is a blatant lie; I was...

Weinstein’s conviction is not the end

Mat Chapin, Columnist March 5, 2020

On Feb. 24, 2020, Harvey Weinstein became a convicted rapist in what is undoubtedly an important milestone for the #MeToo movement. Weinstein was convicted of a criminal sex act and rape, but acquitted...

Our president is still a rapist

Mat Chapin, Columnist February 20, 2020

In the haze of the impeachment trials and never-ending onslaught of criminal accusations, I think it can sometimes slip our minds that our president is a rapist. Despite the rise of the #MeToo movement,...

Illustration by Hannah Paul

Addressing atrocities against women in India

Nidhi Jaltare, Columnist December 12, 2019

Not many people have heard about the atrocities against women that have been going on for decades in India. If they have, they do not seem to care. This disregard is partially because feminist media continues...

Letter to the Editor: Re: Sexual Assault Dashboard Article

Hailey Powers, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Campus Advocate March 1, 2018

A few weeks ago, there was a Whitman Wire article in which I responded to questions about campus sexual assault statistics. While the article didn’t include the full context of the conversation,...

Illustration by Abby Takahashi

An opinion on Aziz Ansari Allegations

Rina Cakrani, Columnist January 25, 2018

Aziz Ansari has faced a lot of criticism regarding his alleged sexual misconduct, and new reports from the night of the event that have sparked a lot of conversation in the media about the extent to which...

Athletes Grapple with High Rates of Sexual Assault Accusations

Arie Knops, Staff Reporter February 2, 2017

While many of Whitman's varsity sports teams continue to see outstanding success on the field, concerning off-field behavior has been brought to light as the school continues to see high rates of sexual...

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