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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Illustration by Luke Hampton

Schools Shape Sexual Culture

Spencer Wharton May 2, 2013
Chicago Public Schools' recent decision to begin comprehensive sex-ed in Kindergarten is a critical step in ensuring that students will have the skills to build healthy relationships founded on mutual respect and consent.

Defanging Jealousy Suggests Alternative Answers

Spencer Wharton April 18, 2013
Jealousy can put stress on relationships, but breaking it down into its component parts can make it easier to manage.

IUDs Deserve a Second Chance

Spencer Wharton April 16, 2013
A few weeks ago, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists published research confirming that IUDs are safe methods of contraception, not just for adult women, but for teenagers as well. A review of over 90,000 health insurance claims for IUD users found that less than one percent of them, regardless of the type of IUD they were using or their age, experienced serious complications.
Illustration by Julie Peterson

How to Make a Rapist

Spencer Wharton April 4, 2013
In the wake of court decisions in the Steubenville rape trial, we must consider the ways the socialization of young boys perpetuates rape culture.
Ugly, Awkward Virgins Deserve Sympathy, Not Ridicule

Ugly, Awkward Virgins Deserve Sympathy, Not Ridicule

Spencer Wharton March 28, 2013
Societal factors are holding virgins back, and we are wrong to persecute them individually.

Kinky Sex Demands Caution, Skill

Spencer Wharton February 27, 2013
Kink can be practiced safely precisely because of the safeguards, communication and trust embedded in its context. Mainstream kink, however—kink without context—is nothing but a model for dangerous sex and harmful relationships. In skillful hands, a whip is a toy. In the wrong hands, it's a weapon.

Keeping Condoms Snug and Sound

Spencer Wharton February 21, 2013
This week, Spencer discusses condom slippage/breakage and how to prevent either of these for safer sex.

Uneven Libidos Require Cooperation to Resolve

Spencer Wharton February 14, 2013
Everyone has their own sexual needs. This might not be discussed as often as other parts of relationships, bu everyone has a libido that works at a different pace. It's critical to sit down with your partner if differences in libido start to cause problems in your relationship or sex life.
Credit: Schuh

“Consent Is Sexy” Mantra Well-Meaning But Misguided

Spencer Wharton January 31, 2013
“Consent is sexy.” It was one of the many taglines branded across the “Pink Loves Consent” site, a webpage that appeared to be promoting a new line of Victoria's Secret underwear. A hoax by Baltimore feminist group Force, it went viral in early December of last year.
Footnote: Choosing Lube

Footnote: Choosing Lube

Spencer Wharton January 30, 2013
When I interviewed Cynthia Fine, Community Health Educator at Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho, a few months ago about painful sex, we had a great, in-depth conversation about not only pain during intercourse, but sexually transmitted infections; the importance of creating a positive, supportive atmosphere if you're having sex; good communication; and a whole raft of other topics. I had a lot to say and only a little bit of space to say it in, and inevitably, I left something important out. I want to fix that by saying a few words about choosing a good lubricant.

No Half-Assing It With Multiple Partners

Spencer Wharton January 24, 2013
It is certainly a tired argument to suggest that the problem with open relationships is the non-monogamy, rather than any number of issues which can plague any relationship. However, if an open relationship really is not working, It is worth considering if you truly want to be in a non-monogamous relationship.

Sexcetera Quickies #1

Spencer Wharton January 20, 2013
From time to time, I get questions in my box that I can't fit into a whole weekly column, but deserve an answer anyway. Over the course of winter break, I thought I'd blow through some of these. Enjoy!
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