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Schools Shape Sexual Culture

Illustration by Luke Hampton

Spencer Wharton

May 2, 2013

Dear Valerie Huber, executive director of the National Abstinence Education Association: Earlier this year, the Chicago Board of Education voted to overhaul its public schools' sex education curriculum and begin teaching age-appropriate sexual health lessons in kindergarten. You, in response, criticized the b...

Neither party stellar on sex ed

Spencer Wharton

October 25, 2012

As a high school senior in 2008, I watched the election, boiling over with the indignation of being three months shy of voting in an election relevant to my life. In a week and a half, millions more teenagers will be in the same place. It's our obligation as young voters to keep teens in mind when we vo...

Who I Am (and Why That Matters)

Spencer Wharton

October 10, 2012

Any advice columnist is going to draw on their own life experiences when writing advice. Sure, not solely, or even primarily––even the columnists with the most interesting lives couldn't experience everything their readers write them about. But in establishing connections, drawing parallels, and set...

Defining ‘normal’ needlessly moralizes sex

Spencer Wharton

September 27, 2012

I have not had sex ever. I like the idea of sex; I respect it. However, certain things such as blow jobs and miscellaneous practices that don't involve vaginal penetration sound quite unnatural and even perverted to me. However, they seem to be frequently practiced. I guess my question is, in heterose...

Sexcetera: Open discussion makes sex more satisfying

Spencer Wharton

September 13, 2012

Freshman year, I never talked about sex. Convinced it was inappropriate and awkward, I kept it to myself, only on very rare occasions sharing my thoughts with my neighbor across the hall. As a whole, I tried hard not to be "that sex guy." Needless to say, I got better. As I've learned, talking about sex is crucial because it mak...

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