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Reflecting on Race

Photo by Henry Honzel

Christy Carley, News Editor

October 13, 2016

On Thursday evening the words of “We Shall Overcome” echoed across the steps of Penrose Library, while candles flickered in the dark. Members of the Whitman community gathered together to mourn the black lives lost to police brutality. The vigil, sponsored by Whitman’s Black Student Union (BSU) inclu...

Whitman College Provides More than Meets the Eye

Sean, Hannah

February 11, 2016

When people say that Whitman’s curriculum does not provide tangible skills that apply to a specific job, they are forgetting that many jobs often have more than one type of skill incorporated into them.

Whitman Lacks Diversity

January 28, 2016

The appropriation, isolation, racial profiling, and micro-aggressions minority students’ deal with would decrease if this school was more racially varied. This is not the only solution but it is definitely a piece of the puzzle.

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Sean Hannah