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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
Whitman news since 1896

Whitman Wire

Whitman news since 1896

Whitman Wire

Illustration by Claire Revere

Drinks for your Major

Sam Jacobson and Grace Little, Columnists May 12, 2017

Chemistry: Moonshine ‘cause you all can make it yourselves. Biology:  Bloody Mary because it's like your organisms. It’s got blood and vegetables.   Astronomy: Galaxy Cocktail. I’ve heard...

Photo by Tywen Kelly.

Vending machines provide convenience and controversy

Sam Jacobson December 4, 2014

The first vending machine was created over 2,000 years ago by the Greek mathematician Hero, who also invented the syringe. On Whitman's campus, vending machines have been around for fewer than 50 years....

Students have demonstrated frustration with the current system for registration. Photo by Marra Clay.

Registrar’s office seeks to improve pre-registration

Sam Jacobson November 13, 2014

For students at Whitman, registration often means navigating the tricky business of choosing between classes, attempting to gain consent from professors and in some cases coping with less than ideal registration...

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