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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
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Photo by Oliver Baltzer.

“Rocky Horror” fucked (A recap)

Samantha Fitts, very drunk (hungover) November 3, 2022

Writer’s note: Below is the somewhat redacted recap for "Rocky Horror" I actually wrote while wasted that night. Anything in (parenthesis) or [square brackets] is my current, very hungover, edits...

Rocky Horror Picture Show: “Don’t dream it, be it”

Tasha Hall, Campus Life Reporter September 22, 2022

For one night every year, Whitman College takes part in a tradition that has reached the whole world. On this night, the beloved "Rocky Horror Picture Show" is played and widely enjoyed for its celebration...

Rocky Horror: A Celebration of Queer Bodies

Rocky Horror: A Celebration of Queer Bodies

Emma Chung, Staff Reporter November 12, 2018

On Nov. 2, The Rocky Horror Picture Show stormed the aisles and pounded the stage of Maxey Auditorium. A national and Whitman tradition, the eclectic performance involves a horror film screening, a shadow...

“Rocky Horror” Warps to Power House Theatre

Eric Anderson, A&E Editor September 8, 2016

There’s a light over at the Gesa Power House Theatre and if you follow it, you are sure to find the Frankenstein place, sweet transvestites and time warps galore in Hypoxik Productions’ performance...

Tommy Wiseau brings ‘The Room’ to Whitman

Mallory Martin December 8, 2011
This past Saturday, Dec. 3, saw students lining up to get into the WEB-sponsored Q&A with famed flop director Tommy Wiseau and a screening of his magnum opus, “The Room."
 Gabby Wescott ‘12 vamps as “Rocky Horror villian, Dr. Frank-N-Furter. The annual event celebrates the cult classic with a free film screening and student performance. Photo Credit: Ethan Parrish

‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ engages audience participation with its sensuality

Nate Lessler November 11, 2010
Whitman students reenact cult film phenomena "Rocky Horror Picture Show" on Saturday, November 13 at 10:30 p.m. in Maxey Auditorium.
Mehera Nori 12 as Magenta, Erin Terrell 11 as Dr. Frank-N-Furter and Stephanie Burk 13 as Columbia give life to Rocky Horror, played by Tristan Rupert 07. Credit: Hubanks

New ‘Rocky Horror’ production bends gender, theater conventions

C.J. Wisler December 7, 2009
A 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' virgin, Pioneer A&E reporter CJ Wisler chronicles her first experience with the culture surrounding the classic play/movie.
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