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Life After Whitman: recent graduates pursue interests in Walla Walla

Pictured: Jack Swain

Olivia Gilbert and Alissa Antilla

December 8, 2016

Post-Whitman life may be difficult for some students to imagine, but it is only a handful of years (or less) away for each of us. While Whitman graduates spread out all over the country and globe, we catch up with several Whitties who chose to stay closer--right here in Walla Walla. Jack Swain Jack ...

Swim Team Refocuses with Annual Training Trip

Swim Team Refocuses with Annual Training Trip

Marah Alindogan

January 30, 2014

For most Whitman students, winter break consists of catching up on favorite shows on Netflix or spending quality time with family members. However, the men's and women's swim teams took advantage of the time away from school to travel to Claremont, Calif. for their annual training trip at Claremont McK...

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