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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Review: “13 Reasons Why”

Marra Clay, Publisher May 4, 2017

WARNING: This review discusses the end of “13 Reasons Why” and includes discussion of rape and suicide. Since its debut on March 31, the Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why” has shocked...

Moviegoers Flock to Mid-Budget, Well-Reviewed Movies This Summer

Eric Anderson, A&E Writer September 24, 2015

It’s easy to be cynical about the state of the film industry these days when it is seemingly driven by nothing but greed and producing nothing but expensive franchise sequels (or remakes) and restricting...

Horror movies scare with lack of  story

Horror movies scare with lack of story

Nathan Fisher November 6, 2014

Illustration by Sophie Cooper-Ellis. After Halloween last week, I was reminded how much I hate being scared and how the horror movie genre is the worst.  Nothing (and I mean nothing) about horror...

Thrones Entertains Vast Audience

‘Thrones’ Entertains Vast Audience

Nathan Fisher May 8, 2014
I was able to resist being seduced by “Game of Thrones” until post-midterms several weeks ago when I finally succumbed. This was the best worst decision that I’ve made in a long time.

Animal Collective’s ‘Centipede Hz’ takes their sound in new direction

Clara Bartlett September 20, 2012
Animal Collective, a group known for their complex but bouncy tunes, are back with their newest album, "Centipede Hz." Clara Bartlett takes a look at the evolution their sound has undergone since their previous efforts.

Entire Summer Movie Season Recap

Nathan Fisher August 23, 2012

MMMMOOOVIES were my great escape from working a zillion hours at two minimum-wage jobs lifeguarding and scooping balls at the golf-driving rang. Thankfully, this summer was filled with great flicks. Here's...

Ingrid Michaelson explores dark vulnerability with ‘Human Again’

Mallory Martin May 3, 2012
With the release of her fifth album, Human Again, singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson exposes us to a darker, less romantic side of her talents.

‘Jeff, Who Lives at Home’: Audience should stay home

Nathan Fisher April 26, 2012
Some movies are decent, and yet, you just don’t enjoy watching them. "Jeff, Who Lives at Home” was one of those movies for me.

‘Talk That Talk’ rarely ‘walks the walk’

Alex Hagen February 23, 2012
Rihanna, the pop world's most prolific star, has released an astonishing six full-length albums over the past seven years. Her most recent one, Talk That Talk, is an uneven but cohesive collection of songs that center on love and sex, two topics that have been present throughout her discography.
Illustration: Binta Loos-Diallo

Bring tissues for ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’

Nathan Fisher February 2, 2012
Friday night I wanted to see a movie that would make me laugh and forget about the looming work of the new semester. 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' was not that movie—it was horribly sad . . . but still worth seeing.

Best of recent album releases

caitlinhardee December 13, 2011
I didn't even listen to the previews before buying this album—it's Coldplay, so you know it'll be good. The question is, will it be curl up and read a book with a mug of tea good, or soaring heart-seizing cosmic choirs of inspiration good? As it turns out, some of both. It's vintage Coldplay, personal and moving, shifting between a racing, thrumming tapestry of guitars and synths with Chris Martin's characteristic whoa-ohhh's on "Hurts Like Heaven,"to a rough, low break-your-heart croon on the more subdued track "Us Against the World."
Illustration: Alex Bailey

“Happy Feet Two” fails to find its wings

Nathan Fisher December 1, 2011
Little baby penguins singing and dancing are only cute for so long. “Happy Feet Two" tries to rekindle the love of the first dancing and singing penguins movie but falls flat like a penguin trying to fly.
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