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The problem with political party polarization

April 6, 2020

Americans have policy opinions almost entirely based on their party alignment – we are more sorted than ever. We are categorized by immigration, race, sexuality, religious affiliation and what the role...

Democrats Must Change to Succeed

Illustration by Haley King
January 25, 2018

The last time we had a national election in 2016, the Whitman campus was in disarray. It is now 2018, and the political world is in disarray about whether or not the Democratic Party will control the House...

GOP Failure to Keep its one Promise Bodes ill for Trump Presidency

Illustration by Meg Cuca
March 30, 2017

Last week the Republican party embarrassed itself in a cynical display of infighting and discord. As the Republican congress fought within itself due to displeasure with the GOP health care bill, President...

The Bleeding Heart Question

February 16, 2017

Would you, the informed reader, say that political divide is largely a moral issue? I’d say so. In daily conversation it seems that a great deal of the conversation is based upon what any given person...

Four More for Obama, Historic Ballot Measures Passed

November 8, 2012

Cheers (and groans) resounded across campus Tuesday night as general election results poured in from across the nation, confirming Barack Obama's reelection as president of the United States. President...

Neither party stellar on sex ed

October 25, 2012

As a high school senior in 2008, I watched the election, boiling over with the indignation of being three months shy of voting in an election relevant to my life. In a week and a half, millions more teenagers...

Green Party vote not wasted

Green Party vote not wasted
October 25, 2012

I dream of an election in which the Green, Libertarian, Constitution and Justice parties are all polling around 17 percent beside the Democrat and Republican, who are doing about as well. Instead, this...

Political Cartoon

Illustration: Ariel Carter-Rodriguez
April 26, 2012

Political Cartoon

Illustration: Kelly Douglas
April 5, 2012

‘Republican Shuffle’ spells difficulty for general election

February 9, 2012

Assertion: Until there is a drastic change in political discourse, no Republican will win a general election. In case you've been living under a rock (or in case this MTV spinoff of a nomination race...

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