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How to Get The Classes You Didn’t Get During Registration

Ann Karneus, Kann Arneus

April 26, 2018

Registration is hectic for everyone, and I know especially for underclassmen that it’s almost impossible to get all of the classes you want. You put yourself on the waitlist, you frantically email the prof for consent, but sometimes it’s still just not enough to get that perfect schedule. Unless...

Gender pronoun selection now included in registration

Sara Platnick

January 28, 2016

Upon pre-registration for the Spring 2016 semester, in addition to common steps such as confirming their attendance and giving an emergency address, students for the first time ever could choose their preferred name and gender pronouns. These selections are visible to students’ professors and academic adv...

A Textbook Case of Catch-22

Photos by Becca Mellema.

Lachlan Johnson

November 29, 2012

Since the U.S. Congress passed the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) in 2008, professors and the Whitman bookstore have found themselves hard-pressed to conform to the act's regulations regarding textbooks. The HEOA requires both publishers and academic institutions to provide students with information...

Changes lead to successful registration

Molly Johanson

September 8, 2011

For first-year Umair Meredia, registering for his first college classes was "actually really successful." First-year Jose Beleche thought registration was "straightforward and simple." Sentiments like these are only possible because on Saturday, Aug. 27, the day of first-year registration, everything...

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