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Sanders Promotes Realistic Solutions to Fundamental Problems

Photo by Anna Dawson

Olivia Gilbert, Columnist

February 18, 2016

While Bernie proposes solutions that promote fundamental changes to the political system, Hillary offers little in the way of systemic change.

Helping Indigenous People

Helping Indigenous People

Jose Guerrero Coronado

November 4, 2015

Upon the commencement of European colonization in the Americas, Native American populations immediately began to wane. With the reduction of their numbers, came a loss of their traditions, lifestyles, and languages. Today, although the situation varies within each country, Native Americans are often...

SFER Club Spreads the Word about Education on Campus

SFER Club Spreads the Word about Education on Campus

Josephine Adamski

April 24, 2014

Students For Education Reform is a national student-lead organization dedicated to spreading awareness about educational reform andĀ education injustice. Whitman College's chapter was established with ASWC in the spring of 2013 by seniors Claire Collins and Sara Sonnenblick in order to create an outlet...

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