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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
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Pasco City Council Member Irving Brown: Confronting Racism in Washington’s History

Nazaaha Penick, News Editor September 28, 2023

Pasco City Council member Irving Brown Sr. faced a series of racist attacks during his campaign to retain his District 3 city council seat. The first incident occurred in January when an anonymous racist...

Why mispronouncing names is a bigger deal than you think it is

Maura Kelly, Opinion Columnist April 6, 2023

This article is dedicated to everyone who has never found their name on a keychain souvenir.  I love my name; it’s mine, which makes it special. Unfortunately, it’s one of those names that people...

Identity without apology: what I wish I had known

Identity without apology: what I wish I had known

Sneh Chachra, Feature Writer February 9, 2023

Growing up in Indian culture meant growing up in a Fair and Lovely world: light skin with a body and personality that didn’t take up too much space was what you strove for. Skin bleach (like Fair and...

Do you blindly love Joe Rogan? Here’s why you shouldn’t.

Scout Hutchinson, Opinion Editor February 17, 2022

Content warning: Videos linked in this article contain extremely offensive and racist language. In the past couple of weeks one name in the news has become unavoidable, whether it is his thoughts on...

Photo by Rosa Woolsey.

Whitman’s Asian-American community reflects on Atlanta shooting, discrimination and identity

Rosa Woolsey, Staff Reporter April 1, 2021

Heartbroken, frustrated, helpless, exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed. These are the words Asian-Americans at Whitman have used to describe how they are feeling after a swell in anti-Asian hate crimes across...

Photo contributed by Kimberly Rolfe.

Whitman alumni speak on racism in the workplace

Grace Jackson, Staff Reporter October 8, 2020

On Tuesday, Sept. 29, the Student Engagement Center (SEC), The Intercultural Center (IC) and the Race, Violence and Health committee welcomed three Whitman alumni over Zoom to discuss their experiences...

Illustration by Hayden Cooper.

Shame in the anti-racist movement

Dana Walden, Opinion Editor September 24, 2020

Shame, Shame, Shame: we all got it, and we all feel it from time to time. Shame is not a bad emotion to feel; in fact, it can be helpful and productive under the right circumstances. We should feel a little...

Coronavirus prompts discussions on racism

Grace Jackson, News Reporter February 13, 2020

The outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus has prompted Whitman students to discuss infectious diseases and xenophobia. The new strain, called novel coronavirus, originated in China and was first observed...

Dr. Hasan Kwame Jeffries speaks to students, faculty, staff and community members about hard history  in Olin Auditorium on Thursday Dec. 5. Photo contributed by the SEC.

Dr. Hasan Kwame Jeffries lectures on ‘hard history’

Rylee Neville, News Reporter December 12, 2019

Last Thursday, Dec. 5, Ohio State Associate Professor of History Dr. Hasan Kwame Jeffries gave a lecture titled “1619 An American Journey - 400 years of tragedy and triumph.” Olin Auditorium was filled...

Why race and ethnicity courses should be required

Rina Cakrani, Columnist November 14, 2019

All first-years at Whitman are required to take Encounters and meet distribution requirements, but considering the current society we are part of, I believe that all students should also be required to...

Illustration by Lanh Tran

Responding to Trudeau’s brownface scandal

Nidhi Jaltare, Columnist October 3, 2019

Trump was elected when I was applying to colleges in America. Everyone around me was complaining about how much they regretted not applying to a school in Canada instead. This was just an angry, spontaneous...

Op-Ed: ‘Culture of Silence:’ What the WWU Administration Will Not Address

Jake Sloop, WWU Sophomore April 12, 2018

These past few weeks at Walla Walla University have been rocky, to say the least. Therefore, in this week’s Swap Issue, I hope to address some of the questions many Whitties have asked me about the blackface...

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