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Off-Campus Houses Given Names for Both Obvious Characteristics, Inside Humor

Emily Williams February 21, 2013

Whitman is a college with colorfully named houses. Sometimes those house names are based on inside jokes, puns and strange intricacies about the house. Other times, the reason for the name is staring the...

Whitties shed pre-finals stress during weekend competitions

Matt Tesmond May 3, 2012

Last weekend, with less than two weeks before finals begin, Whitties got out their stress by climbing, playing volleyball and getting fierce on the soccer field. In Sherwood Athletic Center this...

Athletes call for meal plan changes

Libby Arnosti November 18, 2010

Walk into Reid Campus Center any given weekday at about 7 p.m. and you will find hordes of hungry varsity athletes grouped around tables in front of Cafe '66. Most varsity athletes on meal plans are compelled...

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