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You Play How You Eat: Athletes, Dietary Restrictions

You Play How You Eat: Athletes, Dietary Restrictions

Marah Alindogan

November 14, 2013

For collegiate athletes, nutrition is an aspect of daily life that is easy to overlook. With busy schedules filled with practices and rigorous classes, students often put the priority of eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables or drinking enough water on the back burner. Yet, one's eating habits...

Weekend Recap: Whitman Volleyball Team Starts Conference Season Strong

Kyle Howe

September 23, 2013

Whitman College women's volleyball endured a rough preseason in which the team had a six-game losing streak and an overall record of 3-11. However, on the night of Friday, Sept. 23 in the Sherwood Athletic Center, the team left the preseason behind in their Northwest Conference opener as they finishe...

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