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Tino’s Bridge Corner #3

Tino Mori, Columnist

November 6, 2015

Welcome back to Tino's Bridge Corner! Are you ready for more?  Let's dive in. Quack: A queen or a jack. When you evaluate your hand, you're counting aces as four points, kings as three, queens as two, and jacks as one.  You can thank Charles Goren for coming up with the hand evaluation system that...

Whitman’s Plans for Active Shooter Scenario

Whitman's Plans for Active Shooter Scenario

Georgia Lyon

October 22, 2015

Due to the five campus shootings have taken place in the nation in the last month, Whitman's administration and security staff as well as local law enforcement have tentative plans to make the Whitman community more aware of what to do and where to go in an active shooter scenario.

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