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In Defense of Dining

Chloe Hansen, Opinion Writer September 22, 2022

Modern academia has lost track of the concept of balancing society and intellectualism; the cure for finding it again is to reacquaint ourselves with in-person discourse through the hosting of dinner parties. This...

Illustration by Anna Stone.

Professors, parenthood and the pandemic

Zoe Schacter-Brodie, Feature Reporter November 4, 2021

The daily schedule of a professor tends to extend far beyond a typical 9-to-5, often obscuring the lines between work and home life—especially so for those with children. The pandemic has blurred these...

Professors and students balance the pros and cons of in-person learning

Ross Koller, News Reporter September 23, 2021

The switch to remote learning offered many challenges for professors and students alike. For many, it was an ordeal that they are glad to see the end of, but for some there were takeaways from online learning...

My professor saw me cry and now she’s my mom

AE, Unprofessional Young Professional November 7, 2019

Amidst midterms and thesis proposals, I was feeling especially stressed and unprepared for the week. I went into my professor’s office hours in hopes of asking for just one measly extension but came...

English Department Reinstates Creative Nonfiction Position

Daniel Kim May 8, 2014

For the 2014-15 academic year, the English department will offer Whitman College students various supplementary courses in creative nonfiction that will be taught by new Adjunct Assistant Professor of...

Staff, Faculty Share Favorite Films

Staff, Faculty Share Favorite Films

Nathan Fisher April 17, 2014

Whitman College professors have lives outside of the Whitman campus and classroom, right? Well, I decided it would be interesting to assume they did, and I took the bold step of seeking out a handful of...

Whitman Women in Academia Reflect on Challenges, Achievements

Whitman Women in Academia Reflect on Challenges, Achievements

Helen Angell April 1, 2014

In the 2013-2014 academic year, 45 percent of the Whitman faculty are female, but women make up only 36 percent of Whitman's tenured professors. The first female professor to achieve tenure was an astronomy...

Upcoming Movies for Pre-Finals Procrastination

Upcoming Movies for Pre-Finals Procrastination

Nathan Fisher April 1, 2014

After a (hopefully) adventurous spring break, it will be prime time to buckle down as spring semester ends and finals loom.  This means the books really need to be cracked open, but those still in...

Alternate Universe Spells Trouble

Alternate Universe Spells Trouble

Nathan Fisher September 26, 2013

"Harry Potter" is baaack!!!!! Okay, not quite, but my assignment this week was to check out Warner Brothers' recently announced upcoming series heading to the big screen about the world of magic and...

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