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Reactions to North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Detract from Bigger Issue

Ben Shoemake, Columnist

April 21, 2016

What interests me most, though, aren't the particularities of the bill or the conversations surrounding it, but the complete and total lack of perspective surrounding trans rights in general, which these recent events have served to make apparent.

Diversity means cross-pollination, not crop rotation

Paul H-P

October 18, 2012

We can all agree that diversity is valuable. But can we say why or what the word really means in the context of an intellectual community? The truth is, even our ideas about diversity are homogeneous. The word most often means the coexistence of people from a variety of races, classes and genders....

Intolerance of high school debaters unfair

Gary Wang

November 8, 2009

Every fall, it seems like a plague strikes Whitman. No, not swine flu or biblical locusts, but a swarm of teenagers in over-sized suits and pencil skirts. White dress shirts, no facial hair and bundles of boxes, papers, timers, laptops and whatever cheap imitations of what real lawyers use. Worst ...

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