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Theatre Department’s Unique “Echo Chamber” Project Breaks Boundaries

Michelle Foster, Staff Writer
April 6, 2017
Filed under A&E, Front Page Slideshow

Turning frustration and disagreement into a compelling and powerful theater production was Whitman student Lud Brito’s project in putting together “Echo Chamber.” The production is a play that utilizes music, dance and spoken word. Already performed twice in Harper Joy Theatre, the next showin...

Locking Horns with the Past

Wil Kotnik, Blogger
April 4, 2017
Filed under BLOGS, Breaching the Whitman Bubble

This has been a busy few weeks, and Trump has been attempting to assert his competence in the oval office by making true the commitments he made during his campaign. As promised, he immediately went about trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more commonly known as Obamacare. The ACA has, sinc...

Paul Ryan’s search for love

Clara Wheeler, Pirate Administrative Professional
April 2, 2017
Filed under Humor

Paul Ryan (B-KN) has always looked like he is trying to hold back tears of disappointment, but in recent weeks, his expression betrays the great heartbreak hiding behind a thin façade. “I really thought this would be the one,” he said about his one true love, the American Health Care Act (AHCA). “But I ...

GOP Failure to Keep its one Promise Bodes ill for Trump Presidency

Cyril Burchenal, Columnist
March 30, 2017
Filed under OPINION

Last week the Republican party embarrassed itself in a cynical display of infighting and discord. As the Republican congress fought within itself due to displeasure with the GOP health care bill, President Trump and Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan decided not to hold a vote on repeali...

Muslim Identity Challenges America

Zuhra Amini, Columnist
February 16, 2017
Filed under OPINION

Many are familiar with “Hope,” the image of Barack Obama created by Shepard Fairey for Obama’s first inauguration in 2009. In preparation for Donald Trump’s inauguration, Fairey partnered with The Amplifier Foundation to resist hate-mongering speech. As part of their non-partisan “We the People...

The Bleeding Heart Question

Cyril Burchenal, Columnist
February 16, 2017
Filed under Columnists, OPINION

Would you, the informed reader, say that political divide is largely a moral issue? I’d say so. In daily conversation it seems that a great deal of the conversation is based upon what any given person believes is ‘moral.’ As such, it seems that the moral high ground has become some magical platform...

Humor: Whitman Border Wall Reaches Completion

Anthony Reale, Eats His Vegetables
February 9, 2017
Filed under Humor

Nearly everyone on the Whitman campus understands that we live in a bubble, seperate from Walla Walla. We eat different food, wear different clothing and speak in a different language. In recent years, The Bubble has been breached a few times. The Banff Film Festival brought an onslaught of rand...

Clinton Family Christmas Wish List

Megumi Rierson, Humor Writer
December 1, 2016
Filed under Humor

The Clintons have seen better days. In the wake of a momentous election and the slow drip of appointments straight from the basket of deplorables, the holidays are bound to be more tense than they were in New Hampshire and Iowa. The Wire has obtained a partial family Christmas wish list to shed some li...

This week in politics

Jeffrey Gustaveson, Humor Writer
December 1, 2016
Filed under Humor

--Fidel Castro figures Trump Presidency as good a time as any to peace out --Reince Priebus revokes President-elect Trump’s Twitter access until he finishes last bite of steak --Nation’s liberals start believing in Santa for lack of better option --Report: Tryptophan to be used in Middle East...

Reexamine the Electoral College

Cyril Burchenal, Columnist
November 17, 2016
Filed under Columnists, OPINION

Few would contest that the 2016 presidential election was a shake-up. This presidential race was disquieting not only in its volatility, but also in the manner in which it ended. Nearly every pollster predicted the outcome wrong. Rather than a radical opinion shift in the majority of the electorate,...

Accepting the Election

Alya Bohr, Columnist
November 12, 2016
Filed under OPINION

Some things cannot be made sense of. Or, if there is any sense to be made, it is fractured, messy and incomplete. That’s how this post-election period feels. Yes, perhaps it’s true that the results shouldn’t have been shocking, that we should have known this deep pain and unrest existed in our...

The 2016 Election: Where do we go from here?

Christy Carley, New Editor
November 10, 2016
Filed under NEWS

For the past day and a half, the Whitman community has been fixated with the results of the 2016 Presidential Election. While for many Trump’s victory evoked feelings of anger and disappointment, still a few on Whitman’s campus were in favor of the results. Nearly everyone, however, was surprised.

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