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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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The problem with copaganda

Isabel Mathy, Opinion Columnist October 20, 2022

Journalism and propaganda have operated together in the United States since its inception. In modern media, copaganda (propaganda by and for cops) has seen a steady stream of content. This content reproduces...

“Agents of injustice”: Whitman community contemplates policing, jury selection and central arguments in trial of Derek Chauvin

Abby Main, Staff Reporter April 15, 2021

As the trial of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer who killed George Floyd, continues amid outcry over the recent police killing of Daunte Wright in the same city, the Whitman community reflects...

Illustration by Hannah Paul

Addressing atrocities against women in India

Nidhi Jaltare, Columnist December 12, 2019

Not many people have heard about the atrocities against women that have been going on for decades in India. If they have, they do not seem to care. This disregard is partially because feminist media continues...

Whitman reacts to security threats

December 3, 2015
An unidentified man in an unidentified car harassed students in the Science Building parking lot and on streets bordering campus the night of Friday, November 14th at around 2 in the morning.

Two Men Arrested After Queer Beer Altercation

Lane Barton, News Editor October 7, 2015
Police were called after an altercation between two Walla Walla residents and Whitman students at last Saturday's Queer Beer.

Caution Urged in Light of Recent Bike Thefts

Dylan Tull October 31, 2013
Five bike thefts have been reported on Whitman's campus this past week. Smart locking and bike insurance can guarantee this won't happen to you.
Police Cameras Offer Answers

Police Cameras Offer Answers

Andy Monserud October 23, 2013
Those readers I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in person should know that I proudly represent St. Paul, Minn. To those who don’t care, I hope you’ll forgive me for discussing a topic that’s quite literally close to home for me. A debate in the city council of St. Paul's twin city, Minneapolis, caught my attention this week: three city council members made a proposal to equip police officers with body cameras. The proposed measure is still in its infancy, but it’s not a bad idea. The police force in Minneapolis, of course, is wary of the idea, but it may benefit them more than they let on. Cameras would have a positive influence on police work for the police as well as the people they apprehend.

Off-Campus House Break-Ins Leave Students Shaken

Sarah Cornett October 3, 2013
A number of off-campus break-ins occurred late Sunday night. The incidents have left students cautious and shaken.
Illustration by Eduardo Vazquez

Negative contacts skew police, student views

Hannah Bartman May 2, 2013

Whitman students and Walla Walla police officers aren't often at odds with each other, but when the police do get called in, students are not usually in their best form. While the majority of students...

Arnolds Back in The Last Stand

Arnold’s Back in “The Last Stand”

Nathan Fisher January 24, 2013

After the break, I wanted to start off the new year with a bang. Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to the big screen as the sheriff in "The Last Stand" seemed like a good bet. Unfortunately, the Governator's...

Climbing on the Roof Not Advised by Security, RAs

Talia Rudee December 6, 2012
Whitman students study hard, but they also know how to have fun, which can often involve climbing onto the roofs of any and all buildings around campus. This can be a potentially dangerous ambition.

Uprising Across the Andes

Henry Gales August 8, 2011

August 6, 2011 I'm sitting 980 meters above sea level, just below the summit of Mendoza's Cerro de la Gloria. Directly ahead lies the Cordillera de los Andes, and a fairly tranquil scene. The same however,...

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