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“100HappyDays” program pro positive mental health

Christy Carley

September 17, 2015

The Whitman Well, a new initiative from the counseling center, encourages Whitman students, staff and faculty to “take in the good” for 100 days. Assistant Director of the Counseling Center, Tracee Anderson, in collaboration with an organization called 100HappyDays, has created a website where members of the Whitman community can sign up to post one photo a day of something that makes them feel good.

Blue Bamboo and a Not Santa

Blue Bamboo and a Not Santa

Sara Portesan

December 13, 2011

  Okay, so I am about to attempt to describe the past (three, four?) weeks I haven't been blogging with 12 pictures!  Here we go. Fall Break in Japan   While a bunch of people went to Tokyo (jealous! I want to go spring break...), I stayed in Kyoto and went to these places: Oh...

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