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Photo essay: Things that shouldn’t be touched

Photo essay: Things that shouldn't be touched

Chelsea Goldsmith, Photography Editor

May 8, 2020


Photo essay: The Walla Walla Blues

Photos by Dana Kendrick

Dana Kendrick, Photographer

May 8, 2020


Making a Home in Stevens Gallery

The exhibition celebrates the beauty of natural landscapes, skyline, and sunsets through photography. Photos located in Stevens Gallery.

Michelle Foster, Managing Editor

January 31, 2019

The idea of home means different things to everyone. For many students, Whitman may become a second home, and for many, it’s impossible to forget where they came from. In a recent exhibition in the Stevens Gallery, Shelby Cutter ‘19 and Izzy Dunn ‘19 displayed photographs they had taken of places that a...

11th Annual Winter Student Art Salon

11th Annual Winter Student Art Salon

Michelle Foster, A&E Editor

January 25, 2018

Art pieces of all forms now make their temporary home in the gallery space and hallways of Fouts Center for Visual Arts. The eleventh Annual Winter Student Art Salon opened there on January 16 and will continue through February 7. The salon features work by both art majors and non-art majors, who submit...

quarterlife: Just Enough Off The Map

Submitted by Martina Pansze

Martina Pansze, A&E Editor

February 25, 2016

This spring marks the 10th anniversary of Whitman's smaller literary journal “quarterlife.”

Inside the Grotto of Candace Rose

Candace Rose

October 22, 2015

The Pioneer profiles local artist Candace Rose, whose work touches both the downtown community and Whitman.

With Travel Photos, Less is More

With Travel Photos, Less is More

Olivia Gilbert, Columnist

October 1, 2015

Wrapping ourselves up in capturing our travels and trying to prove what a good time we are having robs us of the opportunity to have authentic experience in a new environment.

Diversity dialogue continues in art

Maia Watkins '17 displays her photographs in Fouts Center for the Visual Arts. Photo by Emily Volpert.

Linnaea Weld

October 23, 2014

While the initial upset to the findings on Whitman's economic diversity have died down, sophomore Maia Watkins has recently installed an art piece in the Fouts Center for the Visual Arts. Installed last weekend, the art piece consists of 32 student portraits hanging next to each participant's statement...

Four Day Flora Overflow

Four Day Flora Overflow

Marra Clay

October 15, 2014

I've seen this plant every day this year while walking to the Science Building, but it wasn't until the fall break that I had a chance to really stop, look and take it in. The plant is incredible- little yellow flowers dot its leaves and from the top it looks like incredible lattice work. I put the photographs...

‘Blue’: Perspective on the Process of An Art Major Thesis

'Blue': Perspective on the Process of An Art Major Thesis

Alecia Lindsay

May 15, 2014

"Blue" was an idea that I came up with last semester. I was walking home from the Fouts Center for Visual Arts when an idea struck me. I immediately turned around and went straight back to the art building. I needed to talk to someone about this idea, and I found just the person––my ever-supportive...

Smells like Spring!

Smells like Spring!

Marra Clay

April 6, 2014

Everyone is enjoying this weather- but the beautiful sunshine is distracting while studying for midterms. However, the new growth on campus is providing both a colorful view and a delicious smell to experience when I pop out of the doors to Anderson each morning.    ...

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