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Vol. CLIV, Issue 3
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Illustration by Elie Flanagan

Reorienting the first year experience

Rosa Woolsey, News Reporter December 9, 2019

On Thursday, Dec. 5, Dean of Students Kazi Joshua sent out an email to the student body addressing a potential removal of the first-year pre-orientation "Immersion" programs, which includes Scrambles,...

What Scramble Did You Go On?

Gavin Victor, Columnist September 23, 2019

Here at Whitman, everybody gets asked this question, especially during their first year. Pre-orientation “Immersion” trips are social kickstarters to many Whitman students, and Scrambles are one of...

Photo by Marra Clay

Home in Pásxapa

Christy Carley, Co-News Editor September 8, 2016

New students were welcomed to Whitman this year with an orientation program designed to introduce them to their new home–and to remind them of who they share it with. 2016 marks the inaugural year for...

Students react to “Think About It” orientation program

Christy Carley September 10, 2015
All new first year and transfer students were required to complete an online program entitled Think About It this summer, prior to arriving on campus.
Sex, alcohol, and Opening Days at Willamette University

Sex, alcohol, and Opening Days at Willamette University

October 5, 2014

This story was originally published in The Willamette Collegian on September 30, 2014. It was written by Willamette reporter Alyssa Milstead and is printed here through the Northwest News Network, a collaborative...

College Provides More Support For FGWC Students

Drew Edmonds May 1, 2014
The current first-year class has the largest number of first-generation students that Whitman has ever seen, a trend accompanied by increasing administrative involvement in promoting conversations about socioeconomic diversity.

First-Year Assumptions Debunked

Dani Hupper September 26, 2013
My roommate sucks. That guy from Encounters wrote the most nonsensical blog post. She must have a great sense of humor because she watches Saturday Night Live. He’s super flirtatious and probably has no intention of really getting to know me. I admit it. I make judgments when I first meet people (though the above depictions are fictitious.) Like everyone, I want to get to know the people I’ll be living with for the next four years, and sometimes I make premature evaluations.
Illustration: Ariel Carter-Rodriguez

Whitman, Walla Walla University partner in 2012 summer reading selection

Allison Bolgiano May 3, 2012
This summer, students at Whitman and Walla Walla University will share a summer reading book.
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