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Olga Loya’s stories bring multicultural spice to campus

Emma Dahl

September 20, 2012

Olga Loya, a nationally known storyteller, will be coming to campus, performing Tuesday, Sept. 25 in Olin Hall 130 at 7:00 p.m. Loya, who grew up in East Los Angeles with her Mexican grandmother and father, is well known for her unique style that combines the English and Spanish languages. This blend...

Hispanic Heritage Month emphasizes collaboration

Members of Club Latino include, from left to right: Eduardo Vasquez, Ashley Hansack, Cynthia Ramos, Fabiola Ochoa, Jackie Bonilla, Franchesca Cortes, Brenda Zarazua, Amalia Sletmoe, Hannah Horner, and Brian Acosta. Club Latino organizes many Hispanic Heritage Month events. Photos by Ben Woletz.

Elise Tinseth

September 13, 2012

Beginning Sept. 15, Club Latino, the Intercultural Center and La Casa Hispana will be hosting a plethora of events on campus to celebrate and raise awareness for Hispanic Heritage Month. In past years, Club Latino celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with a tradition called grito de independencia on the steps in front of Penrose Library. "At midnight on September 15, Mexico's Independence Day, we come to the library to do ...

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